At the foundation of Sleepy Santosha is the desire to make yoga an accessible practice for everyone, and this desire inspires all of the yoga classes available on this website. We all come to the mat with different advantages and disadvantages, different degrees of natural flexbility and strength, different bone structures. All of these factors can affect how our bodies express asana. Understanding this, we can move forward in our practice with love and patience and without attachment to any certain outcome or physical shape.

The Sanskrit word Santosha means contentment, and it is one of the Niyamas in Patanjali’s 8-Limbed view of yoga. At Sleepy Santosha, we seek to cultivate habits that will produce peace, love, acceptance and contentment in body, mind, and spirit. My journey with yoga has taught me that it is possible to cultivate contentment even when I’m tired, even when I’m in pain. Even when external circumstances aren’t going my way, I can maintain equanimity.

To further support this practice, Sleepy Santosha also offers handmade products that have been created to complement a healthy lifestyle and yoga practice.

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The information and practices on this website are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any illness and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care. As with any exercise program, you take the risk of personal injury when you practice yoga. Sleepy Santosha and its affiliates are not liable for any injuries. You are responsible for your own body’s well being. You may wish to consult your physician prior to using essential oils or beginning exercise. Please be mindful of your body and its limitations and always honor it when practicing yoga. That mindfulness is your best, most reliable guru.