Not one day passes when I do not use essential oils. While essential oils are certainly wonderful for aromatherapy, there are so many other ways you can use them, too! They are my perfume, my skincare, my household fresheners, my medicine, and more. With hundreds of potential uses, essential oils are a worthwhile investment that will improve your daily life, your wellness regimen, and your yoga practice.

Because I believe in the healing nature of these oils so strongly, I love sharing my essential oil creations with you in my online shop. Here you’ll find products with 100% natural ingredients to support your health and your yoga practice. These are items that I use in my own daily life, so I know you will love them too.

how to use oils



Essential oils are highly concentrated, pure oils derived from plants typically by process of steam distillation. Resin tapping is often used as well. Essential oils are not to be confused with fragrance oils, which contain synthetic substances. Pure essential oils are incredibly complex in their chemistry, and many possess potent medicinal qualities. Only pure therapeutic grade & organic essential oils are used in the products available in the Sleepy Santosha Shop.


All essential oils have unique properties and depending on their nature, may be used topically, internally*, and/or for aromatherapy. To learn more about how to use oils, check out my book Essential Oil Basics.


These natural oils are the pure “essence” of the plants they come from and can be used to replace many of the household items you are currently using that may contain harmful chemicals that are dangerous for you and your family. These oils can also be used to enhance your wellness by promoting better sleep, enhancing your meditation practice, supporting your immune system, giving your skin a healthy glow, and so much more.


If you’ve been interested in using essential oils but are overwhelmed by the HUGE amount of information available, my book Essential Oil Basics is for YOU! Most guides contain hundreds of pages and more information than you really need, but Essential Oil Basics has a design that is easy to follow and is perfect for beginners and busy people who want to learn the basics fast so they can start using oils right away.


  • usage information for 10 commonly used essential oils
  • answers to your frequently asked questions
  • safety tips
  • tips for buying quality essential oils
  • lots of essential oil life hacks
  • over 30 easy-to-make recipes for your home and body

Essential Oil Basics is available now! Click here to get your copy.





“I was prescribed medication by my doctor to help me go to sleep. It made me feel groggy in the morning. Now I diffuse frankincense and lavender oils in the bedroom and go right to sleep AND sleep better. No grogginess! My dogs sleep better, too!”

  • Donna B., Oklahoma

“I come into contact with a lot of people at my job. During cold and flu season, this usually means I end up with whatever bug is going around. Since I’ve been using essential oils, I get better faster and don’t have to use medications loaded with artificial ingredients, colors and flavors. This means I get back to work faster so I can provide for my family.”

  • Josh T., Illinois

“For years I have been using prescription medication to manage my anxiety. During this time, I have experimented with various natural remedies, but none worked for me until I found essential oils. With the help of essential oils, I’ve been able to cut my daily dose of prescription medication in half. I hope that one day I’ll be able to come off of it completely.”

  • Robin T., Illinois


*Not all essential oils are safe for ingestion. When using essential oils internally, only 100% therapeutic grade essential oils should be used.



These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The information and practices on this website are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any illness and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care. As with any exercise program, you take the risk of personal injury when you practice yoga. Sleepy Santosha and its affiliates are not liable for any injuries. You are responsible for your own body’s well being. You may wish to consult your physician prior to beginning exercise or using essential oils. Please be mindful of your body and its limitations and always honor it when practicing yoga. That mindfulness is your best, most reliable guru.